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Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Earl B. Turner, who is Black, continues to falsify the case docket relative to African-American Journalist and Community Activist Kathy Wray Coleman regarding a still pending malicious prosecution case that Coleman says was brought by the City of Cleveland in an effort to silence free speech relative to articles written b y her on issues of public concern pertinent to the Black community. According to Coleman Turner is alllegedly acting at the direction of Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough, currently a candidate for the Ohio Eighth D strict Court of Appeals in this years election. "Both are corrupt to the bone," said Coleman. "But how a Black man like Mr. Turner can continually tamper with public records in violation of the law under the direction of a runaway judge like Judge Keough is mind boggling." A journalist of 15 years who now edits the online news magazines the Determiner Weekly.Com and the K