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Women's March Cleveland activists, led by Kathy Wray Coleman, led rallies in Cleveland against the Syrian war and join Congress against President Trump's military withdrawal strategy there.... Coleman said that "we continue to also demand a prudent end to the civil war in Northern Syria and the support and protection of women Syrian refugees and their families".....Read here for the Cleveland 19 Action News live coverage of Cleveland activist rallies on the Syrian war, led by Coleman....By and, Ohio's most read Black digital newspaper and Black blog

Cleveland activist and organizer Kathy Wray Coleman prepares to lead a rally against the war in Northern Syria and in support of Women Syrian refugees and their families on  Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, an event Coleman organized for Women's March Cleveland, for which she is a member.  Go to  Cleveland19News     for the full story and video on rallies on the issue led by Coleman in Cleveland  (Photos by and at the courtesy of Sarah Parotti and Suzy Scullin) Shayne Terry (center) reads a statement that  demands  that  President Trump allow some 75,000 Syrian refugees onto American soil. Also pictured are activist Dr. Stewart Robinson of the grassroots group Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor (far left), activist Kathy Wray Coleman of  Women's March Cleveland and the Imperial Women Coalition  (second from left), who organized the event and led the associated rally, Arnold Shurn of the Cleveland Peacemakers (second from right), Juanita Brent of District 11 Indivisi