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View the full list of RNC protesters and organizations that received permits from the city of Cleveland here....The largely Black Imperial Women Coalition will start off the Public Square speaking forum at 9:30 am on July 18, the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and will speak again at 12:30 pm....Other protest venues, which will include thousands of people, are the city's parade route and two downtown parks ....Some 15 people will speak in the two 30 minute slots secured by the Imperial Women Coalition, a Cleveland-based organization founded relative to the murders of 11 Black women by serial killer and death row inmate Anthony Sowell....Black Cleveland preachers, Ohio Chapter of NOW, greater Cleveland activists, Naral Pro-Choice Ohio among the speakers with the Imperial Women Coalition....By and, Ohio's Black digital news leaders

( ) /   ( ). Tel: (216) 659-0473 and Email: By Editor-in-Chief  Kathy Wray Coleman, a-23-year journalist who trained at the Call and Post Newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio for 17 years, and who interviewed now President Barack Obama one-on-one when he was campaigning for president. As to the Obama interview,   CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, OHIO'S LEADER IN BLACK DIGITAL NEWS .  Coleman is the most read reporter on Google Plus with some 2.9 million readers CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM- CLEVELAND, Ohio- The City of Cleveland has publicized the names and organizations of protesters that have been given permits regarding the four-day Republican National Convention that begins in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, July 18. (READ THE FULL LIST BELOW) Not all applicants received permits, which were issued in accordance with a city