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Moonlight wins Oscar for best picture and of the six Blacks nominated for 2017 Oscars acting roles, Viola Davis wins best supporting actress for 'Fences' and Mahershala Ali wins best supporting actor for 'Moonlight,' a Black coming of age film....Washington and Negga lose out for best actor and actress respectively, among others, as Harris and Spencer and others lose as best supporting nominees to Davis.... La La Land was mistakenly announced the winner for best picture over 'Moonlight,' one of the worst blunders in Oscar history, critics say....By editor Kathy Wray Coleman of and, Ohio's Black digital news leaders

"Moonlight' was nominated for an Oscar for best picture with Barry Jenkins nominated as to best director and best screenplay, Naomi Harris was nominated for best supporting actress, and Mahershala Ali as best supporting actor.  The coming of age film did win the best picture award and Ali won for best supporting actor, though Harris lost to Viola Davis for 'Fences,' and Jenkins was outdone for director by 'La La Land's' Damian Chazelle.  Posing from left are Alex Hibbert, the young star of the Oscar nominated film 'Moonlight,'  Oscar winning actor   Mahershala  Ali,  Oscar nominated director Barry Jenkins, and Oscar nominated actress Naomi Harris.  Viola Davis and Denzel Washington (pictured) were both nominated for their starring roles in the motion picture film 'Fences,' Washington for best actor, and Davis for best supporting actress, Davis winning and Washington going home empty handed, though he has won Oscars previously for