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By Kathy Wray Coleman: Press release: Community activists hold rally and call for indictments in deadly Cleveland police chase, support Police Chief Williams' new police chase policies, a message from Activist Kathy Wray Coleman, Cleveland NAACP President the Rev Hilton Smith attends rally, new policy bars high speed police chases absent suspected violent felony or OVI

Subject: Press Release on 137 shots aftermath rally coverage by mainstream media..Read below.. A message from journalist and community activist Kathy Wray Coleman (Note: Activists  never planned the 137 shots rally in East Cleveland on March 6  for Heritage Middle School where a parent teacher conference was being held.  That was some of community activist Art McKoy's slickness for a Channel 5 article with coverage. He is becoming a distraction and a tool for the media, himself and the police, some believe. The rally went forward as planned at the intersection of Lee and Terrace Roads in East Cleveland, a neighboring Black and impoverished suburb of Cleveland, Ohio). PRESS RELEASE TO ALL MEDIA : FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014, COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS APPLAUD NEW CLEVELAND POLICE CHIEF VEHICLE PURSUIT POLICIES (NOTE: The Cleveland urban article on this is coming ( WWW.CLEVELANDURBANNEWS.COM ) Kathy Wray Coleman Dear Mainstream Media that attended the deadly 1