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Public Corruption: Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Margaret Russo is illegally releasing secret grand jury testimony of corrupt White cops to try to intimidate maliciously indicted Blacks into plea deals with the help of the county public defender's office, and covering up public corruption regarding falsification of public case records of felony cases in her court, falsification by prosecutors, County Clerk of Courts Nailah Byrd and fellow judges such as Common Pleas Judge Joe Russo.....Judge Nancy Russo is also refusing to remove indigent counsel such as Scott Roger Hurley who are accused of colluding with the court and the prosecution against Black defendants, even when such indigent counsel, including Hurley, an assistant county public defender, violate her own court orders for discovery and to conduct proper pretrial investigations for their clients....The cases involve false charges of assault by Blacks on corrupt White cops, indictment fixing covered-up by Judge Nancy Russo, etc..... Also at issue is foreclosure theft by the judges with JPMorgan Chase Bank and other banks and mortgage companies, hundreds and thousands of homes stolen and Blacks and others who complain sometimes maliciously indicted....Judge Nancy Margaret Russo's corruption comes less than 3 weeks after an FBI and IRS raid on Cleveland City Hall and as to a continuing FBI county corruption probe that has netted some 61 guilty pleas and convictions, including two former common pleas judges and two former county elected officials.... The investigation by and reveals similarities to the movie 'Mississippi Burning' regarding the height of Civil Rights violations and the attack on the Black community by White supremacists, including judges, police and corrupt and racist prosecutors....This is Part 3 of the multi-part series on Cuyahoga County public corruption....Cuyahoga County includes the city of Cleveland....Tel: (216) 659-0473. Email:, with over 5 million views on Google Plus alone

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