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Updated: Community activists to picket Cleveland NAACP at 5:00 pm on April 25 if legal redress committee meeting to address deadly Cleveland police shootings, Cuyahoga County foreclosure fraud, judicial corruption, jobs, etc is not scheduled by next week as promised by the chair of the legal redress committee for the past nine weeks, community activists say that Legal Redress Committee Chairperson Una Keenon should either hold a meeting as promised or that she and Cleveland NAACP President Hilton Smith should both step down, activists also plan to picket office of county prosecutor Tim McGinty over deadly shootings

137 bullets Cleveland police shooting victims Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, both gunned down on Nov. 29 by a group of White Cleveland police officers following a car chase from downtown Cleveland that led police to neighboring East Cleveland. Both were unarmed and no criminal charges against the police assailants that are still on the job seem  imminent By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor-n-Chief, Cleveland Urban News.Com   ( ). CLEVELAND, Ohio- The Imperial Women and other community activists groups have voted to picket the offices of the Cleveland NAACP On April 25 at its headquarters at 2131 Stokes Blvd. in Cleveland if an open legal redress committee meeting to address deadly shootings by Cleveland police, Cuyahoga County foreclosure fraud, judicial impropriety and a host of other community issues that NAACP officials promised to hold for the past nine weeks is not scheduled by next week.  "We have been patient enough," said Ka