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RNC protest news: Elected officials, activists, Ohio Chapter National Organization for Women to join Imperial Women Coalition activist group for a peaceful protest on violence against women and women's rights at Republican National Convention on July 18 at Public Square in Cleveland at 9:30 am and 12:30 pm for two 30 minute speaking slots....Other participating greater Cleveland activist women's rights groups include Sister to Sister, Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor, the Million Women March Cleveland and the Carl Stokes Brigade....Reproductive rights, equal pay, voting rights, police killings of Black women such as Tanisha Anderson and Malissa Williams of Cleveland, inhumane incarceration issues, police abuse in general, legal system discrimination, jobs, racism, sexism, health care, welfare reform, housing and education are also among the matters to be discussed.... By editor and activist Kathy Wray Coleman of and

THE 9:30 AM AND 12:30 PM 30 MINUTE SPEAKING SLOTS FOR THE IMPERIAL WOMEN COALITION ON THE CITY OF CLEVELAND'S OFFICIAL PROTEST STAGE ON MONDAY, JULY 18, THE OPENING DAY OF THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION IN CLEVELAND, ARE FOR 30 MINUTES ONLY SO THOSE PARTICIPATING SHOULD COME ON TIME AND AT LEAST A HALF HOUR EARLY ( ) /   ( ). Tel: (216) 659-0473 and Email: CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, CLEVELAND, Ohio- Greater Cleveland activist women, led by the Imperial Women Coalition ( ), have a preliminary agenda for the July 18 9:30 am and 12:30 pm speaking slots on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, the opening day of the four-day Republican Convention (RNC) in Cleveland.  (The speaking slots are for 30 minutes each). Founded  in 2009 relative to the murders of 11 Black women on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland by serial killer and death row inmate

Imperial Women Coalition, family members of 137 bullets Cleveland police fatal shooting victims meet with Judge Sara Harper, third vice president of the NAACP, on excessive force, foreclosures, rape and murder of women, inequities in sentencing against Blacks, among other issues, coalition votes for 13 non-Black police officers involved in 137 bullets shooting to get fired, prosecuted, coalition to send letters to FEDS, Mayor Frank Jackson, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald and County Prosecutor Tim McGinty on deadly police shootings, foreclosures, "nigger" name calling, demands that Blacks be hanged by county prosecutor's office employees, etc., coalition to seek meeting with Congresswoman Fudge

By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief,  Cleveland Urban News.Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com, Ohio's No 1 and No 2 online Black newspapers  ( ).  Reach Cleveland Urban News.Com by email at and by phone at 216-659-0473 .  Kathy Wray   Coleman is a former biology teacher and a 20-year investigative Black journalist with more than a decade of those years under current Call and Post Associate Publisher and Editor Constance Harper, with nationally known boxing promoter Don King as the print newspaper's publisher. CLEVELAND, Ohio- A coalition of community activists group leaders, mainly women, met Wednesday with Judge Sara Harper, a retired Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals judge and third vice president of the Cleveland NAACP. The meeting was  relative to a host of community issues from fatal excessive force by Cleveland police, to abduction, rape and murder of women, foreclosure impropriety by Cu

Grave site ceremony for the late Carl B. Stokes as the first Black mayor of a major metropolitan city when elected to lead Cleveland in 1967, sponsored by the Carl Stokes Brigade, is today, April 22, from 3:00-5:00 pm, Lakeview Cemetary, 12316 Euclid Ave in Cleveland

Carl B. Stokes, who became the first Black mayor of a major metropolitan city when he was elected mayor of the City of Cleveland in 1967 CLEVELAND, Ohio-The Carl Stokes Brigade will hold its 16th Annual Grave Site Commemoration services for the late Carl B. Stokes, the first Black mayor of a major metropolitan city, on Sun. April 22 from 3:00-5:00 pm at  Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, 12316 Euclid Ave. The event is free and open to the public, and the contact for the ceremony is Marva Patterson at 216-334-7013. Led by David Patterson with other long term affiliates such as former Brigade president and prior Cleveland School Board Member Genevieve Mitchell, Bert Jennings, Ada Averyhart, Donnie Pastard, Terri Tolefree, George Edwards and opera singer Clarence Marshall, the Brigade is a grassroots entity that says its mission is to fight for the little people of Cuyahoga County and elsewhere, and for changes in public policy for the betterment of the greater Cleveland communit

150 people attend Trayvon Martin Rally led by Oppressed People's Nation with Imperial Women, Occupy Cleveland, Brigade, Black on Black Crime, Panthers

Trayvon Martin (lt) and child murderer George Zimmerman, who has not been charged for killing the unarmed Black teen (Editor's note: Below this article is the article on the alleged harassment and defamation by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and his employee Lily Miller against Community Activist Kathy Wray Coleman in retaliation for her writings and activism, and for her complaint to Mason about Miller calling Blacks nigger) By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor, The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog. Com and Cleveland Urban News.Com News.Com ( ) and ( ) EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio-About 150 people gathered for a "Trayvon Martin Skittles Rally" on Sat., March 24 at Black on Black Crime Headquarters in East Cleveland, Oh. led by Ernie Smith and Patricia Rowell of the Oppressed People's Nation in cooperation with a host of other Cleveland area activist groups such as the Imperial Women Coalition , the Cl

Imperial Women, Black on Black Crime to support Oppressed People's Nation's "Trayvon Martin Skittles Rally" Sat 3 pm in E Cleveland, 14660 Euclid Ave

Trayvon Martin The Oppressed People's Nation By Kathy Wray Coleman EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio-Seasoned activist groups such as the Imperial Women, the Carl Stokes Brigade and Black on Black Crime will support the Oppressed People's Nation's "Trayvon Martin Skittles Rally," which is Sat. March 24 at 3 pm at Black on Black Headquarters in East Cleveland at McCall's Hotel, 14660 Euclid Ave. Contact Oppressed People's Nation event spokesperson Judy Martin at 216-990-0679 for more information. Yesterday some 200 community activists, mainly college and high school students, rallied for Martin at Tower City in downtown Cleveland. "Because Trayvon was murdered and his only weapon was a bag of skittles candy, we urge people to bring a bag of skittles to the rally and we will send them to the Sandford Police Department in Florida," said Ernest Smith, the leader of the Oppressed People's Nation, a grassroots group whose members are in their 20s and 30s.