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Syria rally: Women's March Cleveland to rally with activists at 1pm on April 15, 2018 on Public Square in Cleveland against U.S. strikes on Syria and U.S. tax policies, a rally that comes a year after Women's March Ohio/Cleveland, led by activist Kathy Wray Coleman, rallied on Public Square for Syrian refugees and against anticipated U.S. attacks on Syria ...."Congress needs to stop the military action in Syria, particularly since Syria has not taken or proposed military action against the United States," said activists Don Bryant of Cleveland Peace Action and Kathy Wray Coleman of Women's March Cleveland and Imperial Women Coalition, Coleman adding that "Women's March Cleveland continues its support of Syrian women refugees and their families and has serious concerns about the recent strikes on Syria by the United States, France and Britain"....View Channel 19 news coverage of last year's Syria rally in Cleveland here, coverage by Shelby Miller...By and, Ohio's most read Black digital newspaper and Black blog with some 5 million views on Google Plus alone.Tel: (216) 659-0473 and Email:

Cleveland activists, led by Peace Action and supported  by Women's March Cleveland, will rally at 1 pm April 15, 2018 on Public Square in downtown Cleveland against U.S. war on Syria and  U.S. tax policies.  Pictured above is Cleveland activist Kathy Wray Coleman of Women's March Cleveland, head of the grassroots group Imperial Women Coalition and editor-in-chief at Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's most read digital Black newspaper, who is speaking to the media as she prepares to lead a rally for Syrian refugees on April 13, 2017 on Public Square in downtown Cleveland relative to Women's March Ohio. The event was part of a larger group of the National Women's March that spearheaded vigils and rallies in cities across the nation to call for President Donald Trump to allow some 75,000 Syrian refugees into the country.  (Photos by and at the courtesy of Sarah Parotti and Suzy Scullin) April 13, 2017 Cleveland rally: Shayne Terry (center) OF Women's March O