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Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen is recalled by a 410 vote margin, blames Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, says county Democratic party does not support Black elected officials enough, including the bid by Nina Turner for Ohio Secretary of State, Democratic operative Charles E. Bibb Sr. says the Tea Party is behind the recall

Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog, Tel: (216) 659-0473).   Ka thy Wray Coleman is  a community activist and 20 year investigative journalist who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper.  ( ) /   ( ) Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairperson Stuart Garson RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio - Democratic Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen, the city's first Black female mayor and the only Black female mayor in Cuyahoga County, was recalled by voters on Tuesday after Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairman Stuart Garson would not support her, and after the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper, led by Reporter Sara Dorn, went on a mission to seek her removal from office. The recall election was close