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A one-on-one interview with President Obama by Cleveland's own Robyn Simone of Radio One's 93.1 WZAK FM in Cleveland, Ohio's R&B, classic and soul leader in Black radio, Obama urges early voting, talks about Romney's anti-middle class tax cut proposal, Obamacare, foreclosures, medicaid and medicare, and gun violence following the killings this year at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio

United States of America President Barack Obama, who interviews one-on-one with Robyn Simone (below), a popular radio personality with Radio One's 93.1 WZAK FM, Cleveland, Ohio's R&B, classic and soul leader From the Metro Desk of Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper  ( ) (A one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama undertaken by Robyn Simone of Radio One's 93.1 WZAK FM Radio Station in Cleveland during a campaign visit by the president to Cleveland to urge Ohioans to vote, and to vote early).   CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK TO FIND YOUR VOTING LOCATION IN OHIO   CLEVELAND,Ohio- Ohio  is a key battleground state on the road to the White House and President Barack Obama, through the Obama for America Campaign , gave Cleveland, OH  its respect as he acknowledged the majority Black city's number one R&B, classic and soul leader by giving Radio One's WZAK 93.1 FM radio personality Robyn S