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Corrupt Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty, elected in 2012 as the Cuyahoga County prosecutor to maliciously prosecute Blacks and others and to protect Cleveland police from prosecution when they gun down unarmed, innocent Blacks and others, is remembered by Journalist and Community Activist Kathy Wray Coleman for his corruption and harassment of Blacks and others that came before him as a judge over civil and criminal cases, this moron was endorsed by the Call and Post Newspaper for county prosecutor, Ohio's phony Black press that is owned by boxing promoter Don King and that took money from McGinty and that steals and publishes the intellectual property of its writers like Coleman and will not pay for it, and its officials harass their own writers to be quiet on racism and intimidation for racist and corrupt White judges in appellate, common pleas and municipal courts of Cuyahoga County like McGinty, read this affidavit of prejudice filed against him by Coleman with the then chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court when he presided over her Shaker Hts racial discrimination and free speech civil lawsuit as to her articles in the Call and Post, including the one-on-one interview with President Obama that she chased down when he was running for election, No good McGinty was and is protected by the Ohio Supreme Court because he is a no good White man with no scruples, Coleman says she is now being defamed on the Internet by McGinty and his employee Lily Miller and that McGinty has his judicial friends and some of his Black elected official friends still harassing her, Coleman now publishes Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's most read online Black newspaper

Former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Tim McGinty,  a Democrat who was elected as Cuyahoga County Prosecutor in 2012 to further his harassment of Blacks, other minorities, women and the public. He paid Ohio's Black press, the Call and Post, for an endorsement and now he runs the newspaper and the Cleveland Chapter NAACP. Community activists want him investigated by the FEDS and jailed. Below is an example of how corrupt judges like McGinty can do as they please to Blacks and women and  affidavits of prejudice to seek to get them removed form cases for harassment are ignored by the all White Ohio Supreme Court, which is just as corrupt, data show, and is now under the leadership of Corrupt Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, who was elected as the chief justice in 2010.  Remembering Corrupt And Racist Judge Tim McGinty As To The Prejudice Affidavit In The Ohio Supreme Court As To Black Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman   Journalist Kathy Wray Cole