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Funeral procession route for former Cleveland mayor George Voinovich, also a former governor and former U.S. senator, announced .....George Forbes, then the city council president, helped Voinovich win his first term as mayor in 1979, ousting Dennis Kucinich... Forbes, Black dignitaries of Congresswoman Fudge, state Representative Bill Patmon and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, and boxing promoter Don King, also the owner and publisher of the Call and Post Newspaper, comment on Voinovich, the mayor of Cleveland during the height of the Cleveland schools desegregation era....By editor-in-chief Kathy Wray Coleman of, Ohio's Black digital news leader

Former  U.S. senator George Voinovich, also a former two-term Ohio governor who was Cleveland mayor from 1980-1989 when George Forbes was city council president Former longtime Democratic Cleveland City Council president George Forbes, a former longtime president of the Cleveland NAACP who helped catapult Voinvoich, a Republican, to mayor in a 1979. Forbes lost a bid to succeed Voinovich in 1989 to Michael R. White, who served three terms as mayor. The late former 11th congressional district congressman Louis Stokes (sitting), the Rev Jesse Jackson Sr. (standing first from left), the late political strategist Arnold Pinkney (standing second from left), and the late Carl B, Stokes (standing third from left), Louis' younger brother and the first Black mayor of Cleveland and of a major American city.  (archived photo of the group of powerful Black men and political power brokers during the good ole days) Former Cleveland mayor Michael R. White,  a