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Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith wins Republican support of state law to seal felony convictions, protect juvenile records from discloure with help of Republican Governor John Kasich, who went from initially having no Blacks in his cabinet when taking office in 2011 to championing some Black causes, data show

Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith (D-22) Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) By Kath y Wray Coleman, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com ( ) and ( ) COLUMBUS, Ohio-With the help of Republican Gov. John Kasich, who went from initially having no Blacks in his cabinet to championing some Black causes, Ohio state Sen. Shirley Smith (D-22) finally got the Republican controlled Ohio State Legislature to pass a state law that gives Ohio state and federal sentencing judges the extent of discretion to seal not violent criminal records of a single felony conviction, and one additional misdemeanor conviction if applied for, or two misdemeanor convictions. An amendment to the previous record sealing statute that allowed Ohio state and federal trial court judges to seal one and not two criminal convictions, either a misdemeanor or felony, and with a requirement that the person has only one

Editorial by Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter Johnette Jernigan, Can felons vote in Ohio? Yes, but under what conditions, if any? Can mentally incompetent people vote? What 2 states barred voting lifelong to felons?

Editorial by Johnette E. Jernigan, Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter   ( ) Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter and Editorial Writer Johnette Jernigan (left) poses with Obama for America  Campaign Regional Press Secretary Laura Allen before a campaign visit by First Lady Michelle Obama to Progressive Field in Cleveland on May 21, 2012 By Johnette Jernigan: Editorial Writer As battle grounds are drawn here in the state of Ohio and voter turnout is  anticipated to be high in a neck and neck race between President Barack Obama and  republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, it is important to not only register  new voters, but to also give disenfranchised voters accurate information on the right  to vote. Former offenders could be taking themselves out of the political process  inadvertently due to misinformation. Knowledge is no doubt power, particularly when it pertains to voting in a close election.  Ohio is one of 13 states along with the Distr