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Former Congressman Louis Stokes takes on Ohio Governor Kasich over voter suppression state laws that he says hurt Blacks, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald leading efforts against the laws, a Plain Dealer editorial called the new laws anti-Black and against the poor

Former 11th Congressional District  Congressman Louis Stokes By former Congressman Louis Stokes,  a Shaker Heights, Ohio Democrat and former senior counsel with the Squire, Sanders and Dempsey  law  firm who led the 11th congressional district, which is now led by Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge,  a Warrensville Heights Democrat and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus of Blacks in Congress. Congressman  Stokes addresses below  efforts  to steal the Black vote in Ohio via voter  suppression  bills signed into law this year by Republican Governor John Kasich. The new state laws limit  early  voting, among other  strategies  to intimidate Black,  elderly  and low-income voters,  Click here to join the fight for voting rights in Ohio.   That fight is also being taken up by Democratic candidate for governor Ed FitzGerald, the Cuyahoga County executive. Cuyahoga County is the  state's  largest of 88 counties and includes the largely Blacks cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

Breaking News: A one-on-one interview by Cleveland Urban News.Com with nine- time Grammy award winner and Ohio native John Legend, who talks Obama, gay marriage, women's reproductive rights, his upcoming marriage to Chrissy Teigen, music, Republican pushed voter supression laws in Ohio, elsewhere, and a little on rap singer Kayne West, and the beautiful Kim Kardashian

Nine-Time Grammy Award Winning Singer John Legend, also an actor and accomplished song writer from Springfield, Oh.  United States President Barack Obama By Kathy Wray Coleman, Associate Publisher, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com, and Cleveland Urban News.Com Marketing Director and Copy Editor Marc Churchill  ( ) and ( ) Above, Legend plays and sings some of his music at a campaign event in Ohio in support of United States President Barack Obama CLEVELAND, Ohio- Cleveland Urban News.Com nabbed an interview with actor, songwriter and nine-time Grammy award winning pop and R and B singer John Legend, a native of Springfield, Oh. who was campaigning in his home state for the upcoming November 6 presidential election for President Barack Obama, America's first Black president. (Editor's note: Read the one-on-one interview below this brief synopsis) L

Organized labor, community activists, clergy, elected officials, young Dems to rally against voter suppression in Ohio before judiciary committee hearing by U.S. Senators Durbin and Brown, with testimony by Congresswoman Fudge, others, in front of Carl B. Stokes U.S. Courthouse, 801 Superior Ave. in Cleveland, Mon, May 7, rally, 8:30 am, groups to attend hearing after the rally

 There is an Organized Effort to  Block the Vote  in Ohio and elsewhere in America Come Rally For Fair Voter Rights (Contacts for the rally are Larry Bresler at 216-651-2606, Debbie Kline at 216-310-7657, Kathy Wray Coleman at 216-932-3114 and Art McKoy at 217-253-4070) Monday May 7, 2012 8:30 A.M Carl Stokes Federal Courthouse Corner of Huron and Superior Ave.  (801 West Superior Ave., near Detroit Superior Bridge) Senator Dick Durbin (IL) and Sherrod Brown (OH)  will be holding a hearing as part of the judiciary committee examination of voting changes throughout the United States beginning at 9:30 am inside the courthouse with testimony by Ohio Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge and others on House Bill 194, the state law that suppresses our right to vote by slashing the time for early voting, requiring id., etc., anything to interfere with the November and other elections. HB 194 is on the November ballot to be repealed . We will rally  outside  from 8:40 am-9:2