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National Labor Fightback Network angry over vote by House of Representatives this week to pass farm bill that cuts food stamps by 8.6 billion, denies extension of unemployment benefits, group urges AFL-CIO, teachers unions, other national labor groups to mobilize, bill now heads to U.S. Senate

( ) /   ( ) WASHINGTON, D.C. -The majority Democratic U.S. House of Representatives this week voted 252-166 to cut food stamp funding by $8.6 billion over a 10-year period. Eighty-nine Democrats joined 162 Republicans to bring about this result,  Labor organizations across the nation, led by The Labor Fightback Network , whose national headquarters is stationed in Flanders, New Jersey,  are upset about it, and are staging efforts to counter what they say is an attack on the country's poor. Members of that labor network are organizing to denounce the cuts and have invited the AFL-CIO, together with Change to Win, the National Education Association and our community partners and supporters, to join together on an emergency basis. The bill, dubbed the Farm Bill, sets agricultural policy for the next decade and would cost $956.4 billion. It now heads to the Republican dominated U.S. Senate, which is s