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Michelle Obama thanks volunteers, pushes Ohioans to get-out-the-vote during speech at Tri-C, 101- year- old supporter that attended said she prays for the president, says Obama is better for Ohio, Ohio State Senator Nina Turner comments on visit to Cleveland by first lady

First  Lady  Michelle Obama at a get-out-the-vote rally on Oct. 15 at Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus in Cleveland, Oh. Ohio is a pivotal state for presidential elections By Johnette Jernigan and Kathy Wray Coleman, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog ( ) Cleveland, Ohio -Michelle Obama told a cheering crowd at Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus in Cleveland, Oh. on Monday evening that she knows President Barack Obama not only as a president but as a man whose vision for America was shaped long before he won the White House in 2008. “Barack knows the American dream because he has lived it,” said Mrs. Obama."'I have seen up close and personal what being president is like." Some 2,000 people came out for the get-out-the-vote rally, according to Claire Rasacco, vice president of the Tri-C  Metro Department of Government and Community Relations. The eldest Obama supporter there made it clear that