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An interview with Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Vice Chair Blaine Griffin, community relations director for Mayor Jackson, Griffin talks, Obama, voter issues, politics, Dimora's 28 year prison sentence, Griffin is on temporary leave from his city job to head the Cleveland schools 15 mill property tax levy campaign

Blaine Griffin B y Johnette Jernigan and Kathy Wray Coleman Cleveland Urban New.Com ( ) and ( ) CLEVELAND, Ohio- Cleveland Urban News.Com has snagged the exclusive below interview with Blaine Griffin, the highest ranking Black as the elected vice chairperson of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, and a ranking member of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's administrative cabinet as the director of the city's community relations board. ( Editor's note : The mayor announced last week that Griffin is on leave until after the November 6 election from his city job to lead the campaign for the 15 mill property tax levy for Cleveland schools that is on the November ballot. Under state law the city mayor controls the schools and appoints the Cleveland Board of Education).  A married father of three Cleveland schools students who lives in the city's Larchmere neighborhood sandwiched by street between

Rev. Al Sharpton visits Cleveland, talks Obama, Civil Rights, voter suppression tactics by Republicans against Blacks, other voting communities

The Rev. Al Sharpton From the Metro Desk of Cleveland Urban News.Com and the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com ( ) and ( ) CLEVELAND, Ohio-The Rev. Al Sharpton was in Cleveland, Oh. today to push voter registration at a prominent Black church, to stomp for President Obama, and to talk on voter suppression and other Civil Rights matters during a key presidential election year. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio,  Cleveland  Mayor Frank Jackson, state Sen Nina Turner (D-25), state Rep. Sandra Williams (D-11), and Cuyahoga County Councilman Julian Rogers (D-10) were am ong the host of dignitaries that attended. The luncheon event, held at Greater Abyssina Baptist Church in Cleveland, was sponsored by the Cuyahoga County Chapter of the National Action Network, which is led by Marcia McCoy as its president and the Rev. E. Theophilus Caviness, the executive director organization and senior past