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National Obama for America Senior Campaign Adviser Broderick Johnson visits Cleveland for vice presidential debate watch party held at Frederick's Wine and Dine just days after Obama 's speech at Cleveland State University, Johnson says voter suppression billboards in Cleveland that threaten Blacks, poor people with prison for voting are dispicable, London editor, best selling author and Afghanistan war correspondent Christina Lamb attended vice-presidential debate watch party too

Obama for America National Senior Campaign Adviser Broderick Johnson, who visited Cleveland last week for a vice-presidential debate party. Johnson says that the voter suppression  billboards in the majority Black and impoverished major metropolitan city that threaten voters with a felony, a fine, and prison are voter intimidation United States President Barack Obama during a speech last week at Cleveland State University that drew some 10,000 people that weathered the rain to hear America's first Black president speak.  Democratic Vice President Joe Biden (left) and Republican Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan,  both nominees for vice-president of the United States. Biden and Ryan squared off for a vice-presidential debate Thursday evening. A watch party at Frederick's Wine and Dine in the Cleveland, Oh. area drew a wide array of people from across the world,  including political strategists and internationally renowned journalists London Sunday Times USA Ed