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Cleveland 19 News video and coverage of the April 13, 2017 women's rally and vigil in Cleveland for Syrian refugees and pictures of the 11 speakers : Article: Women's March Ohio holds rally and vigil for Syrian refugees, a rally led by activist Kathy Wray Coleman of the Imperial Women Coalition and organized by Shayne Terry of Women's March Ohio.....The women want President Trump to allow in more Syrian refugees....Speakers included Coleman, Terry, Lucinda Garmus of Women's March Ohio, activists Genevieve Mitchell of the Carl Stokes Brigade, Valerie Robinson of Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor, Cheryl Lessin of RefuseFascism.Org, Juanita Brent of the District 11 Indivisible, the Rev. Pamela Pinkney-Butts, Arnold Shurn of the Peacemakers, Melissa Svigelj-Smith of Ohio BATS, and Kari Oatman Nicholson of East Cleveland.....Get the link to the Cleveland 19 News (WOIO) video here with its extensive story by WOIO Reporter Shelby Miller on the women's vigil and rally in Cleveland for Syrian refugees, with coverage also of the war in Syria, and recent U.S. air strikes on and, Ohio's Black digitlal news leaders

Cleveland activist Kathy Wray Coleman, head of the grassroots group Imperial Women Coalition and editor-in-chief at Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's most read digital Black newspaper, speaks to the media as she prepares to lead a rally for Syrian refugees on April 13, 2017 on Public Square in downtown Cleveland relative to Women's March Ohio. The event was part of a larger group of the National Women's March that spearheaded vigils and rallies in cities across the nation to call for President Donald Trump to allow some 75,000 Syrian refugees into the country. (Photos by and at the courtesy of Sarah Parotti and Suzy Scullin) Shayne Terry (center), the key organizer for the Women's March Ohio vigil and rally for Syrian refugees, reads a statement on behalf of her group and demands that President Trump allow some 75,000 Syrian refugees onto American soil. Also pictured are activist Dr. Stewart Robinson of the grassroots group Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor (far lef