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Breaking News: A one-on-one interview by Cleveland Urban News.Com with nine- time Grammy award winner and Ohio native John Legend, who talks Obama, gay marriage, women's reproductive rights, his upcoming marriage to Chrissy Teigen, music, Republican pushed voter supression laws in Ohio, elsewhere, and a little on rap singer Kayne West, and the beautiful Kim Kardashian

Nine-Time Grammy Award Winning Singer John Legend, also an actor and accomplished song writer from Springfield, Oh.  United States President Barack Obama By Kathy Wray Coleman, Associate Publisher, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com, and Cleveland Urban News.Com Marketing Director and Copy Editor Marc Churchill  ( ) and ( ) Above, Legend plays and sings some of his music at a campaign event in Ohio in support of United States President Barack Obama CLEVELAND, Ohio- Cleveland Urban News.Com nabbed an interview with actor, songwriter and nine-time Grammy award winning pop and R and B singer John Legend, a native of Springfield, Oh. who was campaigning in his home state for the upcoming November 6 presidential election for President Barack Obama, America's first Black president. (Editor's note: Read the one-on-one interview below this brief synopsis) L