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Gov. Kasich wins Cleveland area elected officials, Black state legislators, Comes to Cleveland to sign law to seal felony criminal records

Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) speaks before fellow lawmakers. Smith is one of two Black state senators, along with state Senator Nina Turner (D-25), and among five Black state lawmakers with constituents in the Cleveland Metropolitan area. By Kathy Wray Coleman, Associate Publisher, Editor, Cleveland Urban News.Com and the Kathy Wray Coleman Online Newsblog .Com 0 CLEVELAND, Ohio-Politics makes strange bed fellows. And Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich knows that all too well as he was in Cleveland last week for a second time this month to meet with Black people, this time for the ceremonial signing of a criminal records sealing law recently passed by the Republican controlled state legislature and sponsored by state senators Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) and Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati). Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) The law, an amendment to a state law already on the books that permitted the sealing of only one non-violent criminal reco