Showing posts from 2022 top 20 stories of 2022: Glenville wins an Ohio state championship football title...Roe v Wade overturned...Ohio Congresswoman Shontel Brown supports bill to legalize recreational marijuana....Rev Sharpton leads protest in Cleveland against Sherwin Williams for mistreating Black contractors...Longtime Ohio state representative Barbara Boyd dies...Cleveland hosts March For Our Lives March...Black woman found guilty of murdering Cleveland cop...Biden visits Cleveland as Women's March Cleveland holds protest seeking support from the president..County jury in Cleveland finds Black judge's son guilty of murder...Operation Wheels Down nets several felony arrests of Cleveland dirt bike riders and is called racist.....Ohio Supreme Court's suspension of Cleveland judge Pinkey Carr from the bench called racist and sexist...Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson plays his debut home game void of protests from women's rights groups...and more..By and, Ohio's Black digital news leader.

Above picture at left:Coach Ted Ginn Sr. and the Glenville High School Tarblooders, who  won the OHSAA Division IV championship title this year in Canton  over Cincinnati Wyoming Above picture at right- Women's March Cleveland leads a protest in downtown Cleveland from the Cuyahoga County Administration Blvd. after the U.S. Supreme Court, on June 24, 2022, overturned Roe. v Wade and   CLEVELAND, Ohio- and offer a look at our top stories of 2022 as the 2023 new year approaches. They are as follows: (Click on the following articles to read the article) Led by coach Ted Ginn Sr., Glenville, a Cleveland public high school, wins a state football championship title in Ohio....A celebratory parade and motorcade are set for December 8, 2022 Women's March Cleveland's Roe v Wade decision day march draws hundreds, Cleveland 19 News reporter Michelle Nics reports  

Cleveland Department of Public Health confirms city's first flu-related pediatric death as city officials urge vaccinations for the flu and COVID- 19....City officials comment

Image and CLEVELAND, Ohio-   The Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) for the city of Cleveland has confirmed its first  influenza - associated pediatric death for the 2022-23 flu season. The 19-month-old child was hospitalized at the time of her death.    This is Cuyahoga County's second pediatric flu-associated death of the season following the death of a 13-year-old boy in November.    "The news of any death in our community is devastating," said CDPH Assistant Director Brian Kimball. "We recognize the poignancy of the loss of a child, especially from flu, and we urge everyone six months and older to get vaccinated against the flu now, if you have yet to do so this season."    For those concerned with how well this year's flu vaccine matches up against the strains of flu virus currently circulating, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the available vaccines appear to be a good m

Republican Cuyahoga County Judges Synenberg and Jones both lost election with Synenberg getting appointed back to the bench by Governor DeWine this week....How did the GOP governor decide which ousted judge would be appointed back to the bench?....By, Ohio's Black digital news leader

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas General Division Judges Joan Synenberg and Wanda Jones, both Republicans and both of whom lost their seats in the general election in November to Democratic opponents in a county that is a Democratic stronghold. Synenberg, however, will get to stay on the common pleas bench for now after Gov Mike DeWine appointed her to a vacant seat and By Kathy Wray Coleman, associate publisher, editor  CLEVELAND , Ohio -Republican Judges Wanda Jones and Joan Synenberg (both pictured) lost their seats on the 34-member Cuyahoga County Common Pleas general division court via this year's November general election, Jones, who is Black, losing to former Cleveland Council President Kevin Kelley, who lost a nonpartisan mayoral runoff to current Mayor Justin Bibb by a landslide last year, and Synenberg losing to west side Cleveland Ward 11 Councilman Brian Mooney. But one of two ousted common pleas judges

Photo-stream article: Ohio Senator Nickie Antonio sworn in by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart for another term, Stewart the first and only Black ever elected to the Ohio Supreme Court....By, Ohio's Black digital news leader

Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio (lt)  with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart before she was sworn-in by Justice Stewart on Dec 27, 2022 (photo by Billy Sharp) Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio (2nd from lt) with her family and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart (3rd from lt) at Antonio's swearing-in. Justice Stewart swore in the state senator whose 23rd district includes Parma, Lakewood, and 14 of Cleveland's 17 wards (photo by Billy Sharp) Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio (lt) with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart at Antonio's swearing-in for another term  (photo by Fred Barkley) Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio is sworn-in by Ohio Supreme Justice Melody Stewart at Antonio's swearing-in (photo by Fred Barkley) Lakewood Mayor Meghan George at Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio's swearing is sworn-in (photo by Billy Sharp) Ohio Sen Nickie Antonio (3rd from lt) with  community activists  of Cleveland at her  swearing-in. Activist Delores Gray, president of the Carl Stokes Brigade, is pictur