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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is shameful for no appointed Blacks as chief of police, law director, safety director, chief prosecutor writes Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Nelson Sr. in an editorial, Nelson says former mayors Carl Stokes, Michael R. White, Jane Campbell had Blacks, Nelson says that Black leaders have given Jackson "a Black pass" to snub his nose at the Black community relative to key law enforcement positions and in a venue where the Black community is most vulnerable as to police brutality, police murders, the courts, prosecutions, etc.

Editorial By Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Nelson Sr. (pictured) CLEVELAND,Ohio-It's been [nearly three months] since an unarmed [Black]couple died in a hail of bullets with at least 137 shots fired by at least 13 Cleveland police officers. State and local officials continue to investigate, while community leaders, some less than enthusiastically, call for federal intervention. Yet in spite of the tension that exists between the Black community and the police, [Mayor Frank] Jackson has systematically excluded Blacks from leadership positions of law director, police chief, safety director and city prosecutor. Out of the last six Cleveland mayors since 1967, including Carl B. Stokes, Michael R. White and Jane Campbell, all of  whom had Blacks, he is the only mayor to have this dubious distinction.  I have to check the administration of Ralph Perk to be sure on whether he had any Blacks.  It is therefore no surprise that Blacks are more likely to be victims

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner calls for election reform in Ohio, takes on Ohio Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted in editorial to Plain Dealer

By Ohio  State Sen. Nina Turner (D-25) as a guest columnist to the Plain Dealer Newspaper, Ohio's largest newspaper. A Cleveland Democrat, Turner is a former Cleveland Ward 1 councilwoman and one of two Black Ohio senators representing Cleveland   constituents , among others. She represents Ohio's 25th legislative district and is contemplating a run in 2014 for Ohio  Secretary  of State against controversial Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. Though appointed at times, no Black Democrat has ever been elected to a statewide office in Ohio such as governor, auditor, attorney general, secretary of state or the Ohio Supreme Court. CLEVELAND , Ohio- Elections, of course, create winners and losers. In every contest one candidate party or issue will come out on top. It is rare, however, that  voters  come as close as they did this year to getting the  short  end of the stick. This year we squeaked by thanks to the dedication of local elections professionals and r

Obama is an absolute miracle writes Cleveland Urban News.Com guest columnist Judith Pugsley, a White woman from Rocky River, Ohio who says that Obama is one of us, that he struggled like Blacks, women, the middle class, poor people

President Obama  From the Metro Desk of Cleveland Urban News.Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper  ( )  ROCKY RIVER, Ohio- Editorial by Guest Columnist Judith Pugsley, an Obama supporter from Rocky River, Ohio  (Editor's note: Judith Pugsley met the president at a gathering for his supporters and volunteers on a campaign visit to Shaker Hts High School in Shaker Hts, Oh,. a suburb of Cleveland. Pugsley is a guest columnist  and a  middle class White woman from Rocky River, Oh., also a suburb of the majority Black major metropolitan city of Cleveland. Reach Pugsley at Vote Early In Ohio:  CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK TO FIND YOUR VOTING LOCATION IN OHIO The presence of  Barack Obama in the White House is an absolute miracle. He is the only president that has truly extended his feelings of love and fellowship to ordinary grassroots folks. He is an approachable man. He w

Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith writes editorial against Cleveland schools property tax levy, says it hurts Cleveland taxpayers, lacks student- based outcomes, that unconstitutional school funding formula that hurts poor children should be fixed first, she wants mechanism to monitor educational outcomes

Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith, a Cleveland Democrat representing Ohio's 21st legislative district From the Metro Desk of Cleveland Urban News.Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper  ( ) Guest Columnist: State Senator  Shirley  A. Smith (pictured), a  Cleveland  Democrat, represents Ohio's 21st District. By Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith (D-21), Guest Columnist CLEVELAND, Ohio -Clevelanders are now voting on Issue 107, a 15-mill levy for the Cleveland [Municipal] School District. Its fate will have huge repercussions for students and taxpayers. (Editor's note: The Cleveland schools are controlled by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson per state law and the schools 15- mill operating levy is on the Nov. 6 ballot for either approval or  disapproval  by Cleveland voters, a majority of whom are Black).   I oppose the Cleveland plan for multiple reasons. It lacks student-based outcomes. It w

Editorial by Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter Johnette Jernigan, Can felons vote in Ohio? Yes, but under what conditions, if any? Can mentally incompetent people vote? What 2 states barred voting lifelong to felons?

Editorial by Johnette E. Jernigan, Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter   ( ) Cleveland Urban News.Com Reporter and Editorial Writer Johnette Jernigan (left) poses with Obama for America  Campaign Regional Press Secretary Laura Allen before a campaign visit by First Lady Michelle Obama to Progressive Field in Cleveland on May 21, 2012 By Johnette Jernigan: Editorial Writer As battle grounds are drawn here in the state of Ohio and voter turnout is  anticipated to be high in a neck and neck race between President Barack Obama and  republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, it is important to not only register  new voters, but to also give disenfranchised voters accurate information on the right  to vote. Former offenders could be taking themselves out of the political process  inadvertently due to misinformation. Knowledge is no doubt power, particularly when it pertains to voting in a close election.  Ohio is one of 13 states along with the Distr

Editorial by Contributing Writer Judith Pugsley, a White woman from Rocky River, Ohio who asks whether Blacks have truly progressed since slavery

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio- Judith Pugsley, a retired professional and supporter of Civil Rights, wrote Cleveland Urban News.Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman online News Blog. Com on whether Blacks in America have truly progressed since slavery. Pugsley has based the aforementioned assessment in part on an analysis of the Pulitzer Prize winning 2010 book titled "The Warmth of Other Suns." It is an epic story of America's great migration, including the depiction of how Blacks migrated from the South to the northern and western American cities after the stain of having been illegally taken in chains from the fields of Africa to be vilified as slaves in the country's homelands. Her editorial is as follows: By Judith Pugsley, Contributing Writer Let's take a look at the progress of blacks in America from slavery up to modern times. Obviously, the slave trade dehumanized black families and tore them apart for 246 years. No one had rights, and terror ran rampant. Then came the em