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Is leasing and not buying a car better? Is taking a lump sum on a lawsuit and other money settlement rather than monthly payments a smart choice?

Gwendolyn Riase B y Gwendolyn Riase, Contributing Writer (Editor's note: The below article is that of Gwendolyn Riase and not necessarily the opinion or position of Cleveland Urban News.Com or the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News.Com. Her comments are her opinion and are not meant to serve as any legal, financial or other advice) CLEVELAND, Ohio-Most of us keep a sharp eye out for potholes on the road. It can really cost you big bucks to replace your tires, rims and hubcaps. These are literal potholes. But there are also financial “potholes” that will devour you and all your money without a watchful eye for them, as well. Here are two to consider: Lump Sum Settlements – Let’s say you sued someone and won a sum of money that is to be paid monthly or yearly until it is paid to you in full. Or you have an inheritance or win the lottery. You may have a large sum of money coming to you, but you’ll only be paid in small amounts (yearly or monthly) over a number of years. Some c