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Protesters storm House Speaker John Boehner's Capital Hill office over sequester fallout, fight allegedly breaks out with Boehner staffer, Ohio Congresspersons Fudge, Beatty, Ryan had urged Kasich to urge Congressional Republicans to help stop sequester of massive spending cuts, President Obama signed sequester order on Friday

U.S. House of Representatives  Republican Speaker John Boehner for Ohio Ohio  Republican Governor John Kasich                Ohio Democratic Congresspersons from left, Reps. Marcia L. Fudge, Joyce Beatty and Tim Ryan WASHINGTON, D.C.-Protesters angry over a breakdown in discussions between President Obama and Democratic and Republican Congressional Leaders that resulted in a presidential sequester order on Friday for massive across-the-board- spending cuts  picketed the Capital Hill office of Republican House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio three days before the debacle and allegedly attacked a staffer, a Capital Hill source told Cleveland Urban News.Com Friday evening. “On Tuesday morning 50 protesters were banging on the Capital Hill office door of Rep. Boehner demanding the he stop what was about to become a sequester, and when one of his female staffers stepped in the hallway to try to calm the crowd she was pushed and shoved and another staffer had to rescue