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Community activists call for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty to resign at East Cleveland community forum, want Mayor Jackson to fire the 13 non-Black Cleveland police officers that gunned down unarmed Blacks Malissa Williams and Tim Russell slinging 137 bullets, activists also want federal charges and another county grand jury to convene independent of prejudice by McGinty

By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-n-chief,  Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog,  O hio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog, Tel: (216) 659-0473  K athy Wray Coleman is  a community activist and 20 year investigative journalist who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio.    ( ) /   ( ) Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio- Community activists called for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty to resign at a community forum in East Cleveland Thursday evening relative to the 137 shots Cleveland police shooting of unarmed Blacks Malissa Williams, 30,  and Timothy Russell, 43.  The groups, which include Black on Black Crime, the Oppressed People's Nation, the Imperial Women Coalition, the Carl Stokes Brigade, the Social Justice Committee, and the Cleveland Chapter of the New Black Panther Party, also are