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FCC bars high rates for long distance phone calls in jails, prisons nationwide, CBC, Congresswoman Fudge applaud it, Blacks and Black men in particular are disproportionately imprisoned nationwide by America's unjust and racist penal system

U.S. Representative Marcia L. Fudge,  a Warrensville Hts Democrat who also chairs the Congressional Black Caucus of Black members of Congress FCC Reforms Bring Relief To Millions Of Families By Reducing The Cost of Interstate Long-Distance Calls, The Black Community Is Impacted Where Blacks, And Black Men In Particular, Are Disproportionately Imprisoned By America's Unjust And Racist Penal System   Washington, D.C . – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week took long-overdue steps to ensure that the rates for interstate long-distance calls made by prison inmates are just, reasonable and fair. U.S. Rep. Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio, who also chairs the Congressional Black Caucus of Blacks in Congress, applauded the decision. "I'm pleased that the FCC has finally addressed a great injustice by issuing regulations to ensure prison telephone rates are reasonable and fair," said Fudge in a press release to Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's most r