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Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed, who faces a third DUI case, got tricked by his then attorney George Forbes into pleading guilty to a second DUI previously when police did not witness him driving the car and it was parked and he should have instead been charged with the lesser charge of having physical control of a car while intoxicated but not driving it, a charge that does not require jail time as Reed got in his second DUI case because of slick Forbes, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor has handpicked a retired visiting judge from Willoughby, Ohio for Reed's third DUI case allegedly for Mayor Jackson, Forbes, others, and in violation of a state law that requires that visiting retired judges are to come from within the court's jurisdictional territory, Cleveland Municipal Court judges all recused themselves in both the second and third DUI cases at the urging of Chief Municipal Court Judge Ron Adrine to allegedly set Reed up where former Cleveland Judge Joan Synenburg properly heard Reed's first DUI case, and the claim that city council approves the court budget and that justifies the recusals is bogus where that is not a legitimate conflict and judges must have a presumption of fairness, Activist Kathy Wray Coleman says she was jailed and harassed for Mayor Jackson, Forbes, Call and Post officials, others in part for writing about judicial malfeasance and trying to warn Reed relative to his second DUI case, Coleman says she is still getting harassed and threatened and that Chief Justice O'Connor is corrupt and is harassing her too, Coleman says that Reed should seek to vacate his second DUI plea and conviction because then visiting retired judge Mary Trimboli was not and is not a retired judge as required by the Ohio Constitution

Democratic Cleveland Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor  Judge Kathleen Ann Keough, a former Cleveland Municipal Court judge who now sits on the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals . Keough  allegedly won her appellate seat with an endorsement from Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and is accused of fixing cases against Blacks and women in return Cleveland Municpal Court Chief Judge Ron Adrine who handpicks judges for assignments of cases in the court  to allegedly influence case outcomes based upon the judges he selects like Judge Keough, whom he allegedly would handpick for cases to manipulate case outcomes for Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and others International Boxing Promoter Don King, a native of Cleveland, Ohio who publishes the Call and Post Newspaper, a Black weekly distributed in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio Kathy Wray Coleman, a community activist and former Call and Post rep

Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed's DUI case is at risk for case fixing victimization: Reprint of November 14, 2011 Cleveland Urban New.Com judicial corruption article as to documented corruption by Berea, Ohio Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock and with help from Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, who has personally handpicked a retired visiting judge from Willougby, Ohio for Reed's latest DUI case, O'Connor handpicks Ohio common pleas and municipal trial court judges, most from outside of Cuyahoga County, who sometimes come to town to violate the law to harass select Democrats, Blacks, women and community activists, Reed is Black, and he is an activist, and a targeted Black elected official, state Rep Bill Patmon has introduced House Bill 216 that requires that Ohio trial court judges are assigned and reassigned to cases at all times by random draw, Attorney George Forbes as the then Cleveland NAACP president would not speak out against documented judicial bias and impropriety

Outspoken Cleveland Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed Cleveland Urban News.Com News Brief ( Below is a  reprint  of a November 14, 2011 article by Cleveland Urban News.Com.  Recently Republican Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor of the Ohio Supreme Court assigned Willoughby retired judge Larry Allen to the Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed case, a third D UI arrest for the Black councilman, who was charged earlier this month of March 2013. But Ohio Revised Code 1901.10  is a state law that requires that retired visiting judges, such as the one the replaced Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr  in this last D UI case for Zack after she recused herself and the other Cleveland judges would not take the case, must come from the territorial jurisdiction of the court. In Cleveland the territorial jurisdiction is Cleveland and Bratenahl not Willoughby.  Community activists  call for the FEDS that are in town to investigate deadly Cleveland shootings, to invest