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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds bomb plot sentences of former Occupy Cleveland members, Mayor Jackson had kicked Occupy Cleveland off of Public Square in Cleveland, the group is now defunct

From top left Connor Stephens, Brandon Baxter and Douglas White, all former members of Occupy Cleveland that U.S. District Court Judge David Dowd Jr.  of the Federal District Court of the Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland sentenced to prison terms after the trio pleaded guilty to a plot to bomb an Ohio bridge between Akron and Cleveland. From bottom  former Occupy Cleveland members Anthony Hayne (bottom left) who was also sentenced, and Joshua Safford, whose case is still pending as  he undergoes psychiatric analysis. Shaquille Azir, below, the FBI informant that gave the Occupy Cleveland members  food and drugs to allegedly lure them into using dummy explosives in a plot to blow up an Ohio bridge between Cleveland and Akron Occupy Cleveland members, below, march in Cuyahoga County, Ohio against illegal foreclosures and mortgage fraud  Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, below,  says he too is against corporate greed and malfeasance but that Occupy Cleveland went ab