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Some 700 people protest against President-elect Donald Trump in Cleveland....View the Cleveland Fox 8 News and Cleveland WKYC Channel 3 News coverage videos of activist Kathy Wray Coleman's speech and chants at the rally....Coleman leads the Imperial Women Coalition and calls for Trump to diversify his all White male transition team and proposed cabinet, says people of color and women are at risk .....Key rally organizer Marty Krebs says more rallies are forthcoming....By, Ohio's Black digital news leader

Hundreds gather at Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio Nov. 18, 2016 to rally against United States President-elect Donald Trump. The protesters say they are angry over Trump's insensitive campaign rhetoric and the lack of diversity relative to his all White male transition team and his all White male proposed cabinet to date.  One speaker at the rally said Trump is taking Blacks and women back to the 1960s and that the pendulum has swung as women, Black America and other people of color are getting hostile treatment and are being ignored for key positions in the Trump administration CLICK ON THE CLEVELAND FOX 8 TELEVISION NEWS VIDEO IN THE PICTURE BELOW FOR COVERAGE OF THE CLEVELAND ANTI-TRUMP RALLY WITH SPEECHES BY CLEVELAND ACTIVIST KATHY WRAY COLEMAN AND OTHERS.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SAME VIDEO ON THE WEBSITE OF CLEVELAND FOX 8 NEWS CLICK ON THE CLEVELAND WKYC CHANNEL 3 TELEVISION NEWS VIDEO IN THE PICTURE BELOW TO VIEW COVERAGE OF THE CLEVELAND ANTI-TRUMP

Community activists to rally to say 'Black Lives Matter' at Free Stamp at Cleveland City Hall at 11:15 am, February 7, 2015 followed by the noon 'Black Flag Raising Ceremony' and a Black History Month program, both also at City Hall, Activist Khalid Samad to be honored for 40 years of community service by Cleveland City Council on February 9

Amir Khalid A. Samad of Peace in the Hood and Khalil A. Rashid lead a march in February of 2014 outside of Cleveland City Hall to raise the 'African-American Flag' as an annual salute to Black History Month. Community activists will host the annual event this year on February 7, 2015  beginning with a 'Black Lives Matter' rally at the Free Stamp outside of Cleveland City Hall at 11:15 am. The raising of the 'African-American Flag' will be led by Samad and local dentist Dr. Eugene Jordan of the Underground Railroad Society and will occur at noon on the steps of City Hall followed by a Black History Month program inside at the City Hall Rotunda Building  Cleveland Urban News.Com, and the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News, Ohio's most read digital Black newspaper and newspaper blog.  Tel: (216) 659 0473.    ( ) /   ( )  CLEVELAND, Ohio-The  Underground Railroad Society