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Black Cleveland area Ohio legislators fought for gun control and against state law (Senate Bill 17) that now allows people to carry guns in Ohio restaurants, state Rep. Barnes and Patmon, and state Senators Smith and Turner opposed the bill, state Rep. Capri Cafaro of Youngstown supported the measure, Cleveland Urban News.Com remembers Cleveland's Black state legislators for fighting on this gun debate issue

Below is an archived article of Cleveland Urban News.Com of April 14, 2011 on the fight  by Cleveland Black state legislators for gun control and against Senate Bill 17, which became state law in June 2011 and permits guns in Ohio restaurants through valid concealed handgun licenses.  Since the Connecticut shootings, Americas's debate on gun control has been strengthened. Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's online Black news leader,  continues its support of constitutional gun control and recognizes Black legislators for fighting against irresponsible gun legislation in Ohio. We reprint the below article on that fight for your reading enjoyment.   Ohio State Rep Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) Ohio State Rep. John E. Barnes Jr. (D-Cleveland) Ohio State Sen. Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus) Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) Ohio State Sen. Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) Ohio State Sen. Capri Cafaro (D-Youngstown) Ohio State Sen. Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) By Kathy Wray Co