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Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern objects to Chief Justice O'Connor's efforts for Ohio non-partisan judicial elections, activists say some judges are corrupt across partisan lines, including O'Connor, League of Women Voters supports O'Connor on controversial issue

Ohio Democratic Party Chairperson Chris Redfern Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief,  Cleveland Urban News.Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com, Ohio's No 1 and No 2 online Black news venues  ( )  Reach Cleveland Urban News.Com by email at and by phone at 216-659-0473 COLUMBUS, Ohio- Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor announced yesterday that she wants to have Ohio municipal, common pleas, appellate and state supreme court judges elected without regards to political party affiliation and instead wants nonpartisan primary and general elections. O'Connor also wants judicial terms extended, among other proposals. But Ohio Democratic leaders say the chief justice, who is under fire by community activists for alleged case fixing for herself  and her friends against political foes and outspoken community activist