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Larry Woods calls Kimberly Brown a hater for opposing Mayor Jackson's education plan, Cleveland schools levy

By Larry Woods, Guest Columnist CLEVELAND, Ohio-I am a high school drop out named Larry Woods. I saw Kim Brown's comments to the mayor's education proposal and was struck by the brevity and the negativity. (Editor's note: This is an editorial by Larry Woods in response to the one that ran in Cleveland Urban News.Com on July 4 by Kimberly Brown, a former Cleveland mayor candidate and unsuccessful candidate for Cuyahoga County Council who opposes Cleveland Mayor Jackson's education plan that is now a state law that strips Cleveland schools teachers of seniority in exchange for merit pay and hands public monies slated for the school district to charter schools, among other provisions. Signed into law two weeks ago by Republican Gov. John Kasich, the education plan also calls for a levy on the November ballot, something Brown also criticized. Read Brown's editorial at Cleveland Urban News.Com and also here at the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com at http://www.