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Ohio Supreme Court rules that evidence from a suspect's home from police who break-in unannounced is admissible if police have a search warrant, distinguishing between entering property unannounced without a search warrant, which affords constitutional protections under the 4th amendment, and entering a suspect's residence unannounced with a search warrant.....The ruling is a blow to the Black community that is constantly dealing with police excessive force matters and other undemocratic measures.... By editor Kathy Wray Coleman of and, Ohio's most read Black digital newspaper and Black blog with some 5 million views on Google Plus alone.Tel: (216) 659-0473 and Email:

ClevelandUrbanNews.Com and the KathyWrayColemanOnlineNewsBlog.Com , Ohio's most read digital Black newspapers with some 5 million readers on Google Plus alone. And the ClevelandUrbanNews.Com website stats reveal some 26 million hits since 2012. Tel: (216) 659-0473. Email: Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief, and who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. We interviewed former president Barack Obama one-on-one when he was campaigning for president. As to the Obama interview, CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, OHIO'S LEA DER IN BLACK DIGITAL NEWS . CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM-COLUMBUS, Ohio — The  Ohio Supreme Court, on Tuesday,  upheld the use of evidence obtained by police who enter a residence unannounced while executing a search warrant, distinguishing between entering property unannounced with a search warrant and entering a residence unannounced without a search warrant