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Corrupt Brelo Judge John O'Donnell tries to steal $140,000 University Heights home of community activist and journalist Kathy Wray Coleman to hand to JPMorgan Chase Bank for $36,000 under a fake name without Chase suing her and after its case was dismissed by Chase before Judge Friedland...Coleman says that O'Donnell has stalked and sexually harassed her for 12 years and is mentally unhinged....Chase has no interest in the home otherwise because it had no notary when it bought the loan in 2005 and Coleman owns in out right, the Ohio attorney general has said....Coleman says that congresspersons Fudge and Kaptur and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown are aware of the public corruption....University Heights police and Chase broke into the home for O'Donnell, stole property, and are keeping it hidden from Coleman.... O'Donnell, says Coleman, in anticipation of his racist Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo manslaughter verdict, sent five White University Heights cops pointing guns and rifles to stalk and shoot her at the home on May 15 as she and two handy men were repairing the home....Theft of Cuyahoga County residents homes by O'Donnell, other judges, and county officials is rampant and a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise....By Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's leader in Black digital news

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge John O'Donnell

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UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio- Brelo trial Judge John O'Donnell tried to steal the $140,000 University Heights home of community activist and longtime journalist Kathy Wray Coleman to hand to JPMorgan Chase Bank under a fake name for $36,000, without Chase suing, and even though its frivolous case against her was voluntarily dismissed in 2010 by common pleas Judge Carolyn Friedland at Chase's request (Editor's note: Michael Brelo is on trial before corrupt Judge O'Donnell and faces two counts of manslaughter for gunning down unarmed Blacks Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell  in 2012. He fired 49 of the 137 shots that a total of 13 non-Black Cleveland cops fired to gun down the homeless couple).

O'Donnell, however, ran into trouble when the county sheriff would not cooperate and put Coleman out of her home due to the public corruption, and O'Donnell, on May 15, said Coleman, had University Heights police come to gun her down as she was repairing the property after a fire at the home in 2013.

The illegalities at the home by police came even though she was never evicted, though Chase and police, last November, stole most of her belongings from the home, including a $20,000 collector's car, data show.

University Heights is a majority Jewish Cleveland suburb that is roughly 20 percent Black, and is middle class. But the mayor and police are corrupt, data show, not to mention county foreclosure magistrate Stephen Bucha, and his wife of the still-your-home Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss law firm . They all reign in racist University Heights, data show.

"We are not getting involved because this case was dismissed by Judge Friedland
," said Matthew Carroll late last year on behalf of the then Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald , who appointed the sheriff along with the 11-member county council under the current county governance structure.

In a case with no plaintiff or mortgage company, O'Donnell tried to hand the home to DBA Sales Inc, which is really Chase Bank, public records reveal, and though he had no authority or jurisdiction after Friedland had dismissed the case involving Chase as a frivolous plaintiff in 2010. And the case he is using to harass Coleman, has no mortgage company or even a plaintiff (See Cuyahoga County Case No. CV03505359)  (Also, See  Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Court Case No. CV10732999
 for Friedland's dismissal, which was requested by Chase).

Also, Chase had no interest in the home and Coleman owns it outright, data show, because when it bought the loan in 2005 it had no notary, Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine has said. Coleman rejected a request by Chase to give up the home to them in a settlement, she said).

Coleman, who is Black and leads the grassroots group the Imperial Women Coalition, said that O'Donnell is mentally unstable, and is also retaliating for rallies she has led relative to the 2012 137 shots shooting for which Brelo is being charged.

"This judge, O'Donnell, if you will,  is corrupt, and seemingly mentally unhinged," said Coleman. "He is obsessed with strong  Black women, and is  a crook in the highest form."

The corruption in general runs deep, public records show, a multi-million dollar theft of county homes project that wreaks of public  corruption, from foreclosure fraud, to  judicial case fixing, to malicious prosecutions of those that complain, mainly Blacks.

Coleman said that Congresswoman Marcia Fudge met with her and is aware of the corruption and that she also met with the office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Also, she said that U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown's office has been involved. All three are aware of the public corruption, said Coleman , and she has repeatedly asked them and Black leaders, including the Cleveland NAACP, for help for herself, and for a host of  others. She said that she met with Kaptur's office for almost two hours.

The fire claim check of $75, 000 relative to the 2013 fire at the home  is in both her and Chase's name, documents reveal. And Chase has tried to steal that money too, the activist said.

Coleman says that O'Donnell has stalked and sexually harassed her for 12 years. She said that he sent rifle toting White University Heights police onto her property last week because the sheriff's office would not cooperate. The team of at least five White cops, said Coleman, pointed rifles and guns, said get that nigger, and then tried to gun her down for O'Donnell, though she got away safely. She says that Chase, and sometimes police, have broken into the home at least seven times,as far back as 2010, and before the 2013 home fire,  usually before she is about to lead a rally.

"These macho White ignorant cops need to slow down and these corrupt White judges are ruining the community," Coleman told Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's leading Black digital newspaper.

Public records reveal that Coleman had paid on the house for nine years, never refinanced, and was not three months behind as required by FHA law. She said that O'Donnell, a Democrat, stalked her in part because of articles she had written  that were published in the Call and Post Newspaper that the county Democratic party and the Ohio Education Association objected to as pro Republican, and that that is part of the reason they tried to steal her home.

Coleman trained at the Call and Post, a Black Cleveland weekly,  for 17 years, and says that she has been investigating public corruption relative to the theft of homes of county residents for more than a decade. She now edits Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's leader in Black digital news. They want her in jail on trumped up charges, she says, to try to discredit her investigative work, and to stop her community activism.

Cuyahoga County is the largest of Ohio's 88 counties. It is roughly 29 percent Black and includes, among other municipalities, the majority Black major metropolitan city of Cleveland.( / (