Monday, August 19, 2013

Rally rescheduled to August 22, Press Release: 4:45 pm August 22 rally and press conference at Chateau with Sowell victims families, Imperial Women activist group, Black on Black Crime Inc., Oppressed People's Nation, other activists groups, Black clergy, family members of 137 bullets Cleveland fatal shooting victim Malissa Williams on courts branding claims around murder and rape of Black women, including Sowell's victims, "frivolous," and to send a message that violence against women and other people is not frivolous, and neither is negligence by Cleveland police, city officials of missing persons reports

 Convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell,
 who strangled and murdered 11 Black 
women at his then home
on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio 
( Reach us by phone at 216-659-0473 and by email at

RALLY..RALLY...RALLY!!!!!!!...PASS THIS ON PLEASE PEOPLE..BRING PROTEST SIGNS COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS.. TO ALL MEDIA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE...................................Contacts are Imperial Women activist group at 216-659-0473 and Black on Black Crime Inc at 216-704-5036

What:/When/Where: Rally and press conference at 4:45 pm on August 22, at the Chateau Mansion, 13124 Euclid Ave, to address the fact that the courts have branded violence against innocent Black women raped and murdered, through the dismissal last week of claims around negligence by Cleveland police, city officials  of missing persons reports, other actions,  as to the Imperial Avenue Murders by convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell, "FRIVOLOUS." VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT VICTIMS OF CRIME INCLUDING  BLACK WOMEN AND OTHERS ACROSS RACIAL, GENDER AND SOCIOECONOMIC LINES IS NOT FRIVOLOUS, AND NEITHER IS POLICE MURDER OR POLICE NEGLIGENCE AND A LACK OF EMPATHY AROUND MISSING PERSONS REPORTS . After the rally the gathering will move inside of the Chateau for a community meeting on the handpicking of  retired, visiting out-of Cuyahoga County judges to illegally come into greater Cleveland to target Black elected officials and others, and on whether elected officials and law enforcement authorities have done enough to help eradicate violence against women and other innocent people  murdered by serial killers, other people, and by Cleveland police, and regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status.   

Who: Community activists groups including Imperial Women activist group, Black on Black Crime Inc, the Oppressed People's Nation, the Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, the Carl Stokes Brigade, Ohio Family Rights, the National Organization for Parental Equality, Audacity of Hope Foundation, Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor, Cleveland Urban News.Com, Black clergy, candidates for office , Black elected officials,  and families of victims of murder and/or rape including the family of 137 bullets shooting victim Malissa Williams and Imperial Avenue serial killer Anthony Sowell victims, as well as the families of women raped and murdered this year on Cleveland's east side.