Saturday, January 29, 2011

Local NAACP Executive Director Admits Leading Indictment As Grand Jury Foreman On Felony Charges Of Woman Allegedly Beat And Called Nigger By Police

Plain Dealer Online Photo of Cleveland
NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller

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At an unofficial meeting of the Cleveland NAACP on Sat. that did not draw a quorum of its executive committee members, its executive director, in a heated discussion with Imperial Women leader Kathy Wray Coleman, admitted that he led a grand jury in indicting a Black college student on charges she allegedly assaulted the two White male Cleveland Fifth District police officers now accused of calling her a nigger and beating her unjustly.

“I was the grand jury foreman in that case but they told us she was drunk and lunged at police,” said Stanley Miller, the corporate driven executive director of the local Cleveland NAACP who also told the audience of 30 people that Black people should not call the police if they are drunk and having a family dispute.

Roz McAllister, a member of the Imperial Women and Ohio Family Rights that voted with others, many not at the meeting, to picket the Cleveland NAACP if its officials did not address concerns as to the Imperial Ave. Murders and Blacks and women brought by the Coalition, said that Miller is pitiful and anti-Black.

“I find it hypocritical that even though the NAACP is to support the advancement of Black people it will not stand against alleged racist comments by the Cleveland police but rather brags that he was the foreman that helped to indict the victim.”

Miller's comments came after Coleman called him a “sellout” at the meeting and walked within 8ft of him to ask that he tell those in the audience that he was leading overwhelmingly White Cuyahoga grand juries to indict a disproportionate number of Black people. Coleman said that while she expected Miller to admit that he was acting in a conflicting role as an NAACP official and the foreman of racist grand juries that undermine the Black community by filing malicious felony and other charges she said that she did not think that he would go on to actually admit that he led the pack that indicted the college girl named Rebecca Whitby that police allegedly mistook as a “nigger."

"What a Kodak moment,” said Coleman . “And we want an investigation of all cases in addition to that of Rebecca Whitby where Mr. Miller might have blocked access by Blacks to the NAACP that were indicted on felony charges in his role as the foreman of a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury."

Miller, who served in the grand jury foreman capacity beginning in 2009 under the appointment of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Timothy McGinty, did not expose the conflict to the group either before or at the onset of the meeting and Coleman said that he tried to keep her from speaking because she would not honor his request not to snitch.

"The Imperial Women Coalition will be meeting to determine if we will call for Mr. Miller's resignation,” said Coleman. “We also want a criminal investigation to see if any of the people indicted under his leadership are enemies of either Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson or Cleveland NAACP President George Forbes.”

Coleman said that McGinty is corrupt, was a source to the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper on private mental health records of Black defendants, and has issued orders to send Black men to prison for allegedly violating probation when the probation period was up, a state appellate court ruled. She said that she is appalled that Miller kept referring to Whitby as allegedly having been drunk as a means to try to prejudice those in attendance against her.

Whitby, 25, was, according to an elderly White neighbor, beaten and called a “nigger” by White Fifth District Police officers one dark night in 2009 in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood where the family once lived. Court documents reveal that police were called to the home by her father who said she was too intoxicated to drive, but the family says that records reveal that she was only slightly intoxicated, and that charges were filed only after an internal complaint againt police was filed. Police ended up arresting Whitby and later charging her with a host of charges including felonious assault and assault, both on a police officer, and her mother, also named Rebecca Whittby, is charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer and allegedly felony obstruction of justice.

The case is before Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Daniel Gaul, currently on probation, himself, for judicial impropriety sanctioned by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Miller came to the meeting with one member of the executive committee and another one, Darnell Brewer, showed up later. But people joked that the meeting was all show and prejudice after Miller limited what was said, had no stenographer, and used a cell phone type apparatus to allegedly record comments for the executive committee members to hear later.

John Hunter, a brother of Imperial Ave. Murder victim Amelda Hunter, asked Miller to explain why the families of the Imperial Ave. Murder victims were not good enough to meet with executive board members at the NAACP offices and had to meet at the Cleveland Community Covenant Church. In turn Miller said there was not enough room in the building for them, an obvious lie.

A few people spoke on some of the issues raised by the Imperial Women Coalition with one person saying that Miller did her in.

“He would not help us,” said Tina Bronaugh of Miller, the mother of Destini Bronaugh, 20, the Collinwood High School graduate facing misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of official business brought by the City of Cleveland following her arrest at the school last May for participating in a peaceful student protest around teacher layoffs and school closings. Visibly shaken, the older Bronaugh said what happened that day, including her claim that Destini Bronaugh was attacked by Cleveland Fifth District Police officers, has wreaked havoc on her family.

“It's unbelievable," said Tina Bronaugh.

Miller allowed some people to speak, but denied questions after each presentation and when Coleman asked if he would later address other issues, making reference to the need for Ohio trial court judges to be assigned and reassigned to cases by random draw at all times, he told her she could not talk. That prompted Coleman to professionally call Miller a “sellout” and to expose his role as a grand jury foreman that led a county grand jury to issue indictments of felony charges against Blacks by morning and a preppy and arrogant NAACP official by noon.

A long time journalist and an outspoken community activist embraced by some and shunned by others, Coleman said also that she was contacted after the meeting with the message that Miller would now address her issues regarding harassment by the Cleveland Municipal Court and others.

“Why would I seek help from the educated thugs that are behind hurting the Black community?,” said Coleman. “I never expected them to address any issue with me but I did not think that Miller would show blatant prejudice and strike it off the table simply because I rejected his request for silence on his grand jury activities.”

The Imperial Women Coalition meets with Cleveland Ward 8 Councilman Jeff Johnson Feb 9 at 5:30 pm at 10553 St Clair (in Glenville Town Paza next to Dots Department Store) and is awaiting a telephone call on Monday for a meeting with a prominent elected official on the Coalition's issues.