Monday, January 31, 2011

Judge Orders Executive Director Of NAACP To Tesify In Trial Of Black Woman Accused Of Assaulting Police Accused Of Calling Her Nigger, Beating Her

Plain Dealer Online Photo of Cleveland
NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller

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(Statement below from Imperial Women leader Kathy Wray Coleman as to the pending trial before Cuyahoga Judge Daniel Gaul of Rebecca Whitby, 25, and her mother, also named Rebecca Whitby. Both are being railroaded with charges of assault on the Cleveland Fifth District Police officers, whom an elderly White neighbor says she witnessed beat up the younger Rebecca and allegedly called her a "nigger.")

Allegedly over the off record objection of defense counsel Terry Gilbert, Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas Judge Daniel Gaul has ordered Cleveland NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller to testify tomorrow in the trial of a Black college girl and her mother, both on trial for allegedly assaulting White police officers after the girl was allegedly beaten and called a nigger by Cleveland Fifth District police officers.

Miller admitted in a meeting Sat that he led the indictment of felony charges against Rebecca Whitby, whose mother has the same name. He was the grand jury foreman appointed by Cuyahoga Judge Tim McGinty in violation of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as to a random draw process of grand jury members. Miller then blocked access of the Whitby's to the NAACP executive committee and even on Sat they had to talk to a tape recorder because Miller will not let them and other Black women into the NAACP offices to speak with the executive committee.

The Imperial Women had called for Miller to testify and we now urge the attorneys for Rebecca Whitby, 25, to call David Patterson (Rebecca's uncle) to the stand, since he was the union leader for CMHA workers at that time and was seeking millions of dollars in back pay. We need to know that Miller and McGinty did not set up the family to get at Patterson.

We urge Community Activist Art McKoy and others to attend the trial tomorrow that began Mon and we again call for the dismissal of the case as to the illegal assignment of Miller to the grand jury, his statement at the meeting on Sat. that the indictment process was unfair, and his position as a grand jury foreman to push for an indictment to punish David Patterson , though we do not know if this is true or not.

Grassroots factions should attend and we call on the media to please cover the trial. This is about the malicious prosecution of Black women and the action by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson in refusing an investigation of a possible hate crime by police given that an elderly White neighbor says she witnessed Rebecca being beaten and call a nigger. Miller is no Al Sharpton and is , in the opinion of some, an embarrassment to the NAACP

Kathy Wray Coleman, the Imperial Women