Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imperial Women, Grassroots Vote To Picket Cleveland NAACP Because Officials Refuse To Meet As To Imperial Ave. Murders, Harassment By Police, Courts

A group of grassroots leaders and some family members of the 11 Black women whose remains were uncovered in Oct. of 2009 at a house on Imperial Ave in Cleveland voted either yesterday or at a prior meeting to picket the Cleveland Chapter NAACP.

"We are proud of the unified position taken where everybody that either attended the meeting yesterday or was contacted by telephone to vote voted to protest at a date set by the group in Feb. unless a meeting with Cleveland NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller or branch President George Forbes, and other NAACP affiliates, materializes," said Kathy Wray Coleman on the Imperial Women.

Coleman said that NAACP officials said today that Mr. Miller to date has not scheduled any official meeting, though a grassroots member told her some underhanded person advised that efforts are underway to try to divide the coalition to protect corrupt judges from being assigned by random draw and as to the demand for accountability as to the Imperial Ave Murders, two matters that are among the coalition's issues.

“I understand that a person is trying to trick certain families in our coalition saying they will address their issues and not others at an official meeting attempted by a sellout grassroots woman for Saturday, but we voted yesterday that we will not meet unless the meeting is called by Mr. Miller, that it is official and that he will be there.”

“I agree,” said Community Activist Denise Taylor. “If Mr. Miller is not coming and does not call the meeting we will not be there.”

At the meeting the group ask Frances Caldwell to continue seeking a meeting through Mr. Miller but that it shall begin the process of rallying the community to picket. And that they will have repeated protests until a meeting to address issues as to Black women and others is held.

“Time is up,” said Coleman, though we will not protest if Mr. Miller sets a meeting date before we meet in Feb to organize for the protests and if we have only 50 people at our protests , we are moving on this issue.”

The Imperial Women and the coalition of the Imperial Women, Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, members of Black on Black Crime and the Carl Stokes Brigade, the People's Forum, the Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor, the Lucasville Uprising Freedom Network, People for the Imperial Act, Workers World, the People's Fight Back Center, Bail Out the People Movement, and People for the Fair Treatment of Joaquin Hicks support any necessary protest of the NAACP and those that voted to protest if a meeting with Miller does not materialize were: Kathy Wray Coleman, Ada Averyhart, Valerie Robinson, Stewart Robinson,, Timothy Walker, Rebecca Whitby, Denise Taylor, Brett Jackson, Roz McAllister, Willie Stokes, Latefah Champaign, Denise Hunter, John Hunter, Sharon Dannan, Tina Bronaugh, Larry Hicks Sr., Nicole Hicks, Wayne Owens, Roger Spears, Aeriel Smiley, Don Bryant, Judy Martin, Larry Hicks Jr. and Frances Caldwell.

Also at yesterday's meeting the group voted to keep the name of the Imperial Women Coalition saying that "the Imperial Avenue Murders is what brought us together initially."

The issues to be raised at the Cleveland NAACP meeting of Jan 29 are as follows:

- The necessity of a state law proposed by state legislators that precludes Ohio judges from being represented by county and city prosecutors and law directors for municipalities or otherwise in legal proceedings such as the filings of petitions for writs of prohibitions that seek compliance with the law and other legal authorities and affidavits of prejudice against the judges where these prosecutors and law directors that bring charges against people for municipalities and the State of Ohio are in essence their lawyers and therefore have undue influence. Such potential influence includes sentencing, motions to dismiss malicious prosecution cases against Blacks and others and a host of other anti-due process and anti-Democratic activities. (Note: Judges that have been represented in legal proceedings either by the offices of the county prosecutor or Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi include outgoing Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough and Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Timothy McGinty).

- An investigation as to the reassignment process of municipal and common pleas judges replaced in cases of bias or conflict of the sitting judges or for any other reason, and a push for Black and other state legislators to introduce proposed legislation that requires assignments of cases to Ohio judges by computer generated random draw at all times and that those judges are sitting judges accountable to the community.(While some courts initially select by random draw, judges often recuse themselves or are removed from cases and this is when potential case fixing or the handpicking of judges for certain cases occur. i.e. a hanging judge to push plea bargains against innocent young Black men and otherwise)

-The request for support for the dismissal of all criminal charges before Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough against Destini Bronaugh, 19, the Collinwood High School graduate subject to malicious prosecution by Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi and the City of Cleveland in retaliation for a peaceful student protest at the school in May around school closings and teacher layoffs. (Note: We also seek an investigation of police conduct around this issue and a report to the community. And for the record Judge Keough has been replaced, though we reference her as still sitting in the Cleveland Municipal Court seat for purposes of this article to highlight the impropriety and we expect her replacement to dismiss the charges that Judge Keough would not dismiss due to her relationships with those that assisted her in winning in November, a seat on the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals).

-The request for support for the dismissal of all criminal charges against college student Rebecca Whitby, 25, and her mother, also named Rebecca Whitby, that came after an internal police complaint that the younger Whitby was called a "nigger" and beat up by Cleveland Fifth District Police without just cause, an elderly White neighbor says. (Note: We also seek an investigation of police conduct around this issue and a report to the community as to whether Rebecca Whitby was called "nigger" by police who have yet to be punished by the non-minority City of Cleveland safety director and chief of police).

-The request for support for dismissal by county prosecutors of all charges against Latefah Shampaign, a former educator subject to malicious prosecution in retaliation for fighting mortgage illegalities in connection with her home (Note: The 63-year-old Black woman has been illegally jailed due to undue influence by rich and racist mortgage companies in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and municipal courts in the county).

-The request for support for the dismissal of the erroneous guilty verdict of resisting arrest leveled against journalist Kathy Wray Coleman via prosecutorial misconduct and arbitrary behavior by Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough in retaliation for her community emails and articles in the Call and Post Newspaper and elsewhere, and her community activism. (Note: The illegal harassment by Keough and her Illegal attempts to sentence Coleman for allegedly resisting arrest when illegally arrested In 2008 come without even a complaint or testimony as required under the Sixth Amendment from sole White male arresting sheriff's deputy Gerald Pace. Coleman says that she has been repeatedly harassed and has been threatened and illegally arrested and jailed since 2008 with the help of certain Black leaders that took money and prestige over fair play and compliance with state and federal law around the malicious prosecution undertaken by the City of Cleveland at the hands of Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi, Keough's friend and attorney of record, as well as a former Cleveland Municipal Court judge himself).

-The request that assignments of criminal and all other cases to Cleveland Municipal Court judges be by random draw as required by the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment rather than personal selection of cases to judges like Judge Keough, often times for arbitrary purposes.

-The assignment of a licensed mental health professional instead of Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough, or any other judge, over the Cleveland Municipal Court Psychiatric Clinic per state law and an investigation of the number of people erroneously referred to the clinic for financial, political and harassment purposes. (Note: Cleveland judges shall stop the practice of diagnosing Blacks and others in criminal cases and otherwise without a mental health license or otherwise)

- The reorganizing of the City of Cleveland's top level law enforcement leadership team to reflect decision making activity that does not disenfranchise Blacks and women and that addresses a diversified model of leadership in the predominantly Black major metropolitan city where there are no Blacks or women as law director, safety director, chief of police, EMS commissioner, or chief prosecutor.

-An immediate investigation as to the release from custody in 2008 of serial killing suspect Anthony Sowell in spite of a credible and since prosecuted complaint by Gladys Wade, who said she was subjected to an attempted rape by Sowell in 2008 but got away. Six of the 11 murdered women of Imperial Avenue were murdered after Sowell's release from custody in 2008. (Note: Sowell is now in custody and awaiting trial on numerous counts of murder, kidnapping and rape, among other charges).

-The necessity for a fair trial relative to the Joaquin Hicks case and other cases impacting young Black men, women and others prosecuted by the State of Ohio in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and sentenced to prison in violation of their constitutional and statutory right to a fair trial before a fair and neutral trier of law, i. e., the judge. (Note: Jurors allegedly deliberated in the Hick's criminal case with the assistance of cell phones, rendering the trial proceedings unjust and unconstitutional).

-An investigation as to whether innocent Black male prisoners have been illegally sentenced to life in prison relative to the 1993 Lucasville Riots.

The Imperial Women Coalition,

By Kathy Wray Coleman (216-932-3114)