Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama is an absolute miracle writes Cleveland Urban News.Com guest columnist Judith Pugsley, a White woman from Rocky River, Ohio who says that Obama is one of us, that he struggled like Blacks, women, the middle class, poor people

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio- Editorial by Guest Columnist Judith Pugsley, an Obama supporter from Rocky River, Ohio  (Editor's note: Judith Pugsley met the president at a gathering for his supporters and volunteers on a campaign visit to Shaker Hts High School in Shaker Hts, Oh,. a suburb of Cleveland. Pugsley is a guest columnist  and a  middle class White woman from Rocky River, Oh., also a suburb of the majority Black major metropolitan city of Cleveland. Reach Pugsley at Vote Early In Ohio: CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK TO FIND YOUR VOTING LOCATION IN OHIO

The presence of  Barack Obama in the White House is an absolute miracle. He is the only president that has truly extended his feelings of love and fellowship to ordinary grassroots folks. He is an approachable man. He wasn't wealthy, and he wasn't White.

He is a handsome, well-groomed, well-eduated and well-spoken African-American man, and someone that I, nor many others, ever expected to be in the role of president of the United States of America. He had to struggle to resolve his anxiety over his racial heritage of growing up a bi-racial Black child in a White home. He struggled like most middle class people and his White divorced mother at one time relied on food stamps to feed the family. 

Barack Obama has taught us racial tolerance and as a White woman who believes in equal opportunity and has participated in the struggle for civil and human rights,  I thank him for coming into our lives, for making America better, and for giving us a candidate worth fighting for. 

We cannot afford to turn back now, as we have progressed under the leadership of a president that was handed an  economic recession perpetuated by two wars and the failed economic policies of the George W. Bush administration and Republican regime. 

 Keep hope alive! Reelect Barack Obama for president of the United States of America

Judith Pugsley is a middle class White woman from Rocky River, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Reach Pugsley at

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