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Cleveland Urban News.Com Facebook friends, pros and cons, discuss racist voter suppression billboard in Cleveland that threatens poor, Black voters with a felony, prison, $10,000 fine if they vote, protest is Thursday, Oct 11, 5 pm, 35th St and Community College Blvd. in Cleveland, Clear Channel Radio (WTAM) owns controversial billboard

Kathy Wray Coleman
Community activists, elected officials to picket over racist bill board in Cleveland's poor, Black communities that threatens voters with prison, $10,000 fine if they vote this year, protest is Thursday, Oct 11, 5 pm, 35th St and Community College Blvd. Read this story at .Email:, Tel: 216-659-0473. (Editor's note: Below is a Facebook discussion on the Clear Channel Radio and Media (WTAM) billboard that community activists, Black elected officials say targets poor and minority cities in an effort to intimidate voters and to suppress the Black vote)
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  • Laura Cowan likes this.
  • Roz McAllister Please show me where this sign says that if you are Black and you vote you will go to prison?
  • James Webb I doubt that the sign ended up there of all places by accident Clear Channel does extensive demographical sudies and know that the vast majority of folks that pass by and or even walk by that sign are going to be Black and Low income, let's just keep it real, they knew what they were doing!
  • Roz McAllister If I here of ANY by ANYONE I will personally be downtown turning it in! But, as I am not Black, I will be ignored! 

    Tri-C is 55% White, and 32% Black. So, this billboard is in a place that is predominately White. Also, there are 2 signs in the Westpark neighborhood which has a high percentage of white voters.

    Those who look for any excuse to see color are the racists! You don't see me suing Disney because when their princesses are grouped, there are white, black and Arab, but they always leave the native American out!
  • Kennard Everett to bad voter fraud not exist
  • Roz McAllister Well, James, if that is true, how nice of Clear Channel to warn that don't know that it's illegal to not go for a quick buck because could cost them time in jail, away from their families!
  • Roz McAllister Well, Kennard, I guess than the fact that my dead mother is still registered, and I can vote for her can't happen, right? 

    And all those helpers who go into nursing homes and "help" incoherent patients vote as the assistant wants them to doesn't happen either!
  • Kennard Everett btw who in the hell would stand in line twice to vote? they don't even vote now.
  • Kennard Everett that's not voter fraud thats exploitation
  • James Webb Thanks Roz, I was unaware of the signs on the Westside but I do stand by my statement because even factoring in CCC, the vast majority of students are younger maybe under 25, a demographic that favors Obama, I see it more as a political thing than neccesarily racist, just reading your above statement, They're not going after a quick buck, to them it is just business, I am sure that the sponser of the ad had some say in it's placement. I think it is more Republican vs. Democratic than just Black vs. White, I see it as more of a "class warfare" thing:-)
  • Roz McAllister They don't have to! You can vote by mail once for your dead relative or former resident (got an absentee request for a man who had been dead for years in 2008. Sent it back deceased.) and once at the polls. 

    I got a voter registration form sent to me for a man that was either my ex-boyfriend's first name with my last name or my ex-husband's father that has been dead for 20 years.
  • Roz McAllister Class warfare how?
  • Kennard Everett show me stats of voter fraud that changed election outcome. besides tampering with the ballots.
  • Kennard Everett Hell at least they voting for the 80% that don't.
  • James Webb In economics, just looking at differences in the Republican and Democratic "agenda" , I don't think anyone would argue that wealthy individuals are better off with Romney than with Obama, perhaps they are using their wealth to place billboards such as this in heavily democratic areas to try and supress the vote, thereby increasing their canadate's possibility of winning.
  • Roz McAllister Onelife...according to Tri-C's website, there are 29,550 students. 16,271 are White and 9,552 are Black. I did the calculation myself to get the percentage, and math was NOT my strong suit! Please feel free to correct it, but the whole numbers show that the majority is White.
  • James Webb White and young, thereby more prone to be liberal minded
  • Kennard Everett They supress votes by passing voter id laws not billboards. 9 times out of 10 it will be vandalized in 2 weeks
  • Roz McAllister James, why do you assume that Republicans are rich? I say that the poor, like myself, are better off with a Republican that believes in teaching folks to fish rather than giving them a fish a day. 

    I don't see it as suppressing the vote at all! Perhaps that's because you'd have to shoot me to get me not to vote! Anyone that is discouraged from voting by this billboard was just looking for an excuse to skip it! 

    In case you didn't know, the DNC required you to produce your ID three times to get into the convention, and that was NOT when the president was speaking! So, to listen to speeches, you have to produce ID, but not to vote. It's not suppression, it's common sense! Who doesn't have an ID of some type?
  • James Webb Hey Roz :-) I never said that Republicans are rich, my statement above read that wealthy individuals would probably prefer a Republican agenda to a Democratic agenda. Most Republicans are not neccessarly any better off than you and I but for those that are wealthy Democrats and Republicans probably prefer a conservative approach with less Gonverment intervention, good conversation but I've got to crash, an early meeting in morning, have a great night everyone and look forward to talking :-) more with you all later!
  • Kennard Everett Republicans teach? really. Last I checked gutting funding for education and increasing military was on the top of their agenda. But hey, boot straps right....
  • Kathy Wray Coleman The billboards target impoverished cities and have been placed in areas with a large number of poor people and minorities. They are in Milwaukee, Cleveland. Regardless of race, which is clearly implemented here, and poverty, its voter intimidation
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  • Kennard Everett If this is targeting poor then so is dont text and drive signs, dui signs, and seat belt signs because those are all over the poverty areas.
  • Jl Wright Of the people, for the people and by the people, and we are still poor, and getting poorer, what are those 645 people we sent to washington doing in your behalf, it's a damm shame, they are still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Jl Wright half of america is too poor to care, and the other half is too rich to give a damm.
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  • Kathy Wray Coleman State Rep. Bill Patmon calls it voter intimidation and suppression. This is not the same as a DUI billboard and we hope people can internalize that. It like the 1960s when we were intimidated on voting.
  • Annie Walker Thank You for telling it like it is...A.W.
  • Kathy Wray Coleman We must always fight for the constitutional right to vote free from retaliation. Voting is a fundamental principle of freedom and liberty. Is free speech implemented in this billboard discussion on voter suppression? What are Clear Channel's (WTAM) obligations under the law? This is an interesting issue. Protest is Thursday, Oct 11, 2012, 5 pm, 35th St. and Community College Blvd. near Tri-C in Cleveland (Call 2161-659-0473 for more information). This issue merits attention, no matter which side one takes. Read Ohio's news on the most read Black news site in Ohio and the 3rd most read online newspaper in greater Cleveland at
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