Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home of Black Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman Buglarized 3 Times As Thieves Seek Criminal Trial Transcipt Of Judge Keough Corruption

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough

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The home of Cleveland area journalist Kathy Wray Coleman was burglarized three times while she was in her hometown of Louisville , Ky. visiting family and friends and staying put after a Cleveland Black leader called her father to say that she was in harms way, the community activist said.

Coleman, a 16 year journalist whose articles appeared in the Cleveland Call and Post Newspaper and elsewhere from 1993 to 2010, and who not edits the KathyWrayColemanOnlineNewsBlog.Com and theDeterminerWeekly.Com, said burglars, that left a note, sought to intimidate her and were looking for a criminal trial transcript.

"I liken it to the movie 'the Pelican Brief' as to the extent of corruption," the community activist said. "They want the transcript relative to malicious criminal proceedings against me by the City of Cleveland before Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough but I took it with me to Louisville where it remains."

Those proceedings and the affiliated transcript pertain to a two day malicious prosecution trial before Keough in May of 2009, who was assigned to the case personally and not by the random draw process mandated under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, court records reveal.

A federal court injunction had been sought by Coleman's post trial attorney against Keough to stop her from sentencing Coleman on a bogus resisting arrest verdict that the judge is accused of orchestrating via illegal jury instructions and collusion at trial with prosecutors and Coleman's paid trial attorney, Carole A. Lohr, whom Keough removed after trial for impropriety. And grassroots activists are upset because the verdict came without any complaint or testimony from the sole arresting officer, Cuyahoga County Deputy Sheriff Gerald Pace, as required by the Sixth Amendment.

In spite of a hosts of alleged illegal activity by Keough at trial the longtime community activist was exonerated by a Cleveland jury on each and every charge for which she says she was illegally arrested, including aggravated disorderly conduct and making false alarms.

Earlier this year an attorney filed suit on her behalf in federal district court alleging malicious prosecution and a host of other claims, a suit where the injunction to stop sentencing was sought and one that Coleman says prompted Keough and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson to have her jailed in July in the Cleveland City Jail where she was allegedly harassed and threatened, and forced to lay on a urine soaked dirty floor cot with no bedding that was surrounded by trash and dirt. The harassment got so bad that Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Anita Laster Mays issued an order directing jail officials not to take Coleman back to the jail after she had posted bond, and was being held illegally.

Before the proceedings before Keough in May of 2009, though Coleman has not been sentenced by Keough for the illegal resisting arrest issue, Coleman had been jailed in the Cuyahoga County Jail in 2008 where she says she was threatened over Call and Post articles and her community activism before being released four days later without charges with the help of Cleveland Attorney Sara Harper, the sister of Call and Post Executive Vice President and Editor Connie Harper. There she says she was held naked and harassed repeatedly.

Following the Keough trial in 2009 Cleveland Municipal Court stenographer Laura Williams prepared and certified a transcript of the criminal trial proceedings that Coleman and her attorney say reveal Keough illegalities and prosecutorial misconduct. But the following month Williams, per the direction of Keough and Cleveland Municipal Court Administrative and Presiding Judge Ron Adrian, demanded a return of the transcript and mailed another one to Coleman. That transcript, also certified by Williams, whom Coleman said made numerous deliberate falsifications in both transcripts for Keough, states in relevant part on the cover that: "This transcript dated June 3, 2009 is a re-issuance of the unedited transcript dated May 22, 2009. Previous transcript shall be discarded."

Coleman said that when she refused to return the original transcript Keough went wild and started issuing illegal warrants to have her arrested.

"Obviously the court reporters like corrupt Laura Williams are falsifying transcripts for judges like Judge Keough to hurt appeals of illegal criminal convictions, to defame people and to cover up judicial malfesance, and the criminal trial transcript that Judge Keough and others want is in safe keeping and shall be sent to the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Disciplinary Counsel if and when a bar complaint is filed against this unethical judge," said Coleman. "And we shall seek a suspension of the judge for issuing orders impacting my substantial rights while an affidavit of prejudice was pending against her in violation of state law where two other judges have been suspended for two years for doing the same thing when an affidavit was pending."

Coleman said that her home is now protected and that she and others will protect themselves if another home invasion occurs.

"I again call on the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper, which now has a Black female editor, to seek an investigation of Judge Keough, who is White, since her sidekick in impropriety, Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Court Earle B. Turner, is rightfully being exposed by Ohio's largest newspaper."

Coleman said that Turner, who is Black and a former Cleveland City Councilman, is falsifying the online case dockets in criminal cases including false and defamatory convictions, manipulated dates of documents filed by Black defendants to hurt any appeal on an arbitrary conviction and a host of other illegal actions.

Keough leaves for a seat on the Ohio Eighth District Court of appeals via her election earlier this month for a six-year term that commences Jan. 3. She has advised Coleman, through her staff, that if she waits until she leaves, a new judge appointed by outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland to replace her can dismiss the resisting arrest case.

Coleman says that the judge had repeatedly harassed her for a group of corrupt judges that she is still investigating and for certain Black leaders that want her quiet over the Imperial Avenue Murders and judicial case fixing that hurts the Black community. Keough allegedly told two Black male leaders that they were on their own in harassing Coleman, a position she has allegedly taken after using the men for endorsements for her recent appellate seat win, Coleman says.

"The Black men that she used, including Jackson and Cleveland NAACP President George Forbes, had refused to endorse the three Black women seeking judgeships in the May Democratic primary, all three of whom lost, but endorsed this corrupt judge," said Coleman. "This is intra-group hostility at its best as a by-product of racism."