Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meeting to be rescheduled by activists, others preparing for meeting with Congresswoman Fudge on foreclosure impropriety, excessive police force, education, welfare reform, violence against women, inequities against Blacks in sentencing by Cuyahoga County judges

Kathy Wray Coleman
From the Metro Desk of Journalist and Community Activist Kathy Wray Coleman

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Dear Community Activists and Victims and Victims Family Members,

We will reschedule the meeting tentatively set for Thursday, September 19 at 5:30 pm at 3500 Loraine Ave in Cleveland with west side activists and east side activists and victims or their family members. It was set to prepare for our upcoming meeting with Congresswoman Fudge on a wealth of issues including foreclosure impropriety, welfare reform,  violence against women, inequitable public school funding formulas across the nation, sentencing inequities against Blacks,  excessive police force, etc. Cleveland NAACP Executive Director Sheila Wright scheduled a meeting the same day and the same time to interfere with ours. They claim they want to take testimony on excessive force by police. Sure. They have two dead bodies shot at 137 times by a group of 13 White Cleveland police officers and a wealth of other information and will do nothing. They say nothing and they do nothing, data show.

Attorney Michael Nelson knows that in corrupt courts like Berea and Bedford indigent Blacks can't get counsel with his support and he wants us to believe that as chair of the Cleveland NAACP Criminal Justice Committee this testimony gig means something. Testimony is what the NAACP in Cleveland does to pretend and to protect White folks, corrupt judges and malfeasance by other elected officials. No lawsuit will follow. Nothing will occur other than for the officers of the organization to get richer and to garner jobs for their friends and family members. 

We will likely meet next Wednesday. I will let you know by tomorrow. Again, I met last week with the congresswoman to press for the meeting and she agreed. When she and I met I showed her data on documented foreclosure fraud by Cuyahoga County officials and Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judges. And I asked for her help on how unarmed Blacks can be gunned down by Cleveland police and nobody gets fired, and how over 4,000 citizens complaints against Cleveland police have no merit whatsoever according to City Hall.  Now the NAACP wants to pretend to be doing something on excessive force.  Some of its leaders have threatened me with jail to be quiet to protect corrupt White judges, County Prosecutor McGinty and others.  These people have used the Cleveland NAACP to protect pubic corruption against Blacks for years. Your testimony, people, will be thrown in the garbage can at best. Stay tuned.

Kathy Wray Coleman, Imperial Women, 216-659-0473 and